A piece of me to you
If I give you anything through this website I want it to be a piece of me. I want you to take the feeling of gratitude I feel everyday for working towards goals and struggles in life. I want you to take the knowledge of natural healing and embrace it with curiousity. I want you to live your life in freedom and in health. I want you to know your power. 
I am a playful loving soul who wants to see everyone succeed. I love learning about natural healing. Plants are an endless journey that gives me tranquilty. Nature is my favorite place to be. Fitness is also my way of peace within. Making new routines and focusing on nutrition feels me with empowerment. Music and dancing go hand and hand in my life. Giving me the strength I need to heal wounds. My focus here is to help bring sustainablity in your everyday thought. To me if we are to be a thriving species we better learn how to connect with nature once more. Little steps are how this mom of four brings about this reality of freedom. And I want to share my thoughts and knowledge and passion with you. Thank you for stopping in and remember everything is as it should be. So smile like you mean it and it will be returned.
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Change the mind

fuel your body

It is time

Techniques and Inspiration
Yoga, workout routines, meditation and binaural beats.
Recipes to uplift those tastebuds
Sustainable Living Ideas
All my favorite recipes in one spot! 
Ways to move towards thriving world!
Any support builds this dream into a reality where not only the business wins but the planet and the people thrive along side with it! I am only this- A CONCERNED MOM! As I see the destruction, the poisons, and the sickness take over our reality. My heart aches not to do more but I will do what I CAN :)  May we all finds ways to take actions on all the huge turmoils effecting our planet and people. Always happy to connect on ideas!
Quick Thoughts and Future Ideas

Clean Air,Food,and Water
The fact that we have to put an organic label on food should send fireworks off in the mind. The fact that we have to buy water filters or systems for the home should rise a question or two. Masses of different species of animals anf fish dieing in the wild and by human hands. Unusual weather eliminating cities without warning. Constant fights against saving the last of our precious planets lands and waters. We were meant to grow along side mother earth. There are answers for all the destruction and I shall keep voicing my concern.
Build business by repurposing one item
What I see for future corporation is using items that need a new purpose. Using resources that provide luxury but fuel our planet towards a natural path of healing. The desrtuction of our home isnt worth those new cotton jeans. Image if all those billion dollar corporations focused on renewable resources or recycled materials!! It warms my heart to see the possiblities and know that change is possible! I will keep striving towards that change!
Education On a New Level
Hemp saves the World
As a whole we have lost touch with an inner light. You can call it god, light, spirit, love, energy. ect. It is whatever gives you the bliss of feeling. Being your best self should be our educational purpose. Raising children to strive for excellent in health and respect. Not training them to spit out memorized facts. " I am I and You are you that is why when I am me you are you. "-Brittney Yates
Cannabis Sativa provides not only medicinal and therapeutic but usable products as well. They say over 35,000 different products can be achieved with this power plant! From plastics to fuel, to paper and food, cannabis is not a stoner plant like you have been lead to believe. Your endocannabinoid system is the only proof you should need to back up the medicinal application of cannabis. My thought is not fight the old ways but make them embrace the new!  
An End to Sickcare 
Room for Everyone
How we treat patients is illogically to say the least. Pumping people with pharmaceuticals only effects the body in negative ways. Nature, mind and energy can and has healed many. And I will note I say heal, hospital visits only seem to last for so long and then you end up right back there again with another issue. And I will let you in on a secret that other issue probably had a lot to do with that sickcare to being with. Another focus of mine is wild edibles, herbal remedies,binurual brainwaves and hand crafted lotions.  
There enough vacant homes and buildings in america for each homeless person to have 4 places to call there own. The picture of the world is not working. I see a new system built on whats isnt good for all isnt good at all. People have the right to clean water, food, air and shelter. The systems criminal behavior has to embrace humanity once again.